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Perfetto Kids Circuit (2-6 yrs old)

Derived from over 30 year of experience in the design and development of sports and fitness products, PerfettoKid is a leader in innovative, competitively priced products.  Each product is developed by fitness professionals, physical therapists and sports experts. Our focus is to educate and integrate fitness into the lives of every individual. Our products are constructed to be compact and light ensuring they are suitable for home use.  All products are made of high quality materials. Manufactured with commercial grade, high quality components guarantees superior performance for commercial use.   Our products independently inspected and are SGS certified for quality, safety and material compliance.

PerfettoKid Treadmill With Twister
PerfettoKid fun treadmill with twister will keep your children moving. Our largest piece and its footprint is no bigger than an easy chair. Stroll beside Mom or Dad, while you watch a video. Great for kids age 3-8. LCD Provides speed, time, distance, calorie and scan. Two pieces of equipment in one! Walk on the treadmill and twist away for double the fun. Non-slip walking tread, SGS Safety Certified.

PerfettoKid Bike
PerfettoKid Bike is great for beginner or experienced bike riders. Adjustable seat allows your child to grow with the bike. Great for kids age 3-7. LCD provides speed, time, distance, calorie and scan. Adjustable seat, infinite resistance with tension know, SGS Safety Certified.

PerfettoKid AirWalker
PerfettoKid AirWalker is energizing and engaging. Children glide through a cardio,total body workout. Non-impact exercise to keep kids moving. Known as the Kid's Elipitical. Great for kids age 3-8. Manually controlled speed, non-slip foot pedals, dual independent handles work upper body with lower body. SGS Safety Certified.

PerfettoKid Rower
PerfettoKid Rower is perfect for introducing your child to the most comprehensive integrated workout utilizing all muscles with an emphasis on the core. Build coordination and core strength. Great for kids age 5-8. Dual independent handles provide balanced fitness. 10 levels of hydraulic resistance, gliding seat simulates real rowing. SGS Safety Certified.

PerfettoKid Stepper
PerfettoKid Stepper is a fun exercise that introduces kids to hip movement while strengthening the lower body. Great for kids age 3-8. Infinite hydraulic resistance, adjustable pedal height to accommodate the smallest to tallest children and generate varying degrees of resistance.

PerfettoKid Twister
PerfettoKid Twister provides exceptional rotation, mobility and flexibility with fun twisting movement. Introduces core mobility and builds strength. Great for kids age 3-8. 360 degree twisting disc provides full range of movement, non-slip disc, ergonomic handle supports smallest to tallest children. SGS Safety Certified.

PerfettoKid Core Crunch
PerfettoKid Core Crunch makes abdominal work fun. Builds body awareness and targets the core. Kids love the challenge and can feel it working their tummy instantly. Great for kids Age 5-8. Foam rollers to support perfect sit up. PVC covered foam bench for durability and comfort. Roller guided upper body support for successful sit up movement. SGS Safety Certified.