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Konami DDR Classroom Addition

Konami DDR Classroom Addition

The Konami Classroom Edition is the latest release from Konami in the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) family.  With a long history of proven benefits, DDR is back and better than ever.  Konami has taken the DDR experience and morphed it into the world’s most advanced interactive dance and fitness platform available.  This new system promotes fun, fitness and team building skills.  With up to 48 active players, complete classes can be involved at the same time.  Additionally, it provides teachers/instructors and parents with vital information about the students’ calories burned and the body mass index (BMI), all while creating opportunities to promote their students desire to be healthy and active.

This system has been recognized by leading researchers, schools and doctors as an innovative and fun solution to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  The Active Gaming Company is proud to partner on the release of such a game changing product.

There are four packages available.  All four packages include the following:

  • 12, 24, 36 or 48 Wireless Dance Mats

  • Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition software

  • Storage and rechargeable system for Dance Mats

  • PC unit with monitor, keyboard and remote control

  • Receiver Unit

  • Smart cards (for tracking metrics)

  • Operation manual and curriculum