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Jump Zone Trainer

Jump Zone Trainer - Youth FitnessThe Jump Zone is a commercial grade activity counter for group play and individual training programs.

Jump, Run, Hop, Lunge to get the highest score for 1 or 2 Players, or group relays with Auto restart game play. Commercial grade platform and wall display is plug and play. Quick and easy installation


4' x 2' Active Sensor Mat

Integrated Console Controller Integrated Scoreboard and Speakers

Technical Specs:

GENERAL:  2 active stepping sensors, 2 Digit Scoreboard for 2 players, Speaker System, Automatic reset after game play, PVC cover wrap for durabilty

DIMENSIONS-MAT:  Height - 2', Width - 4', Thickness - 1" 

DIMENSIONS-DISPLAY BOARD: Height - 2', Width - 4', Thickness - 2.5" 

WORKOUT : 1 or 2 players, multiplayer with relay races. Several programs for interactive play and sveral lesson plans for education settings.